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 The tourist farm Tindioru is located in a place people have been visiting for years in order to see the famous water rams and the beautiful nature. In 1938 Friedrich Johanson moved here and built a farm for himself, in addition to the house he also built a hydroelectric power station and a dam for the power station in 1942, this station is still working today. He also established a water ram with a unique construction, this water ram is still pumping the water for the whole household today. At the moment the children and the grandchildren of Friedrich Johanson live in that farm and they work at tourism. In 2002 Jüri Johanson (the son of Friedrich Johanson) built a water ram with two impact valves, it pumps 12,000 litres of water per day to the top of the hill (30 m). The rest of the water spurts like a fountain back to the pond. Even in winter there is an area with a radius of 3 m in the pond which is kept free of ice and it is a nice place to jump in after sauna. Since summer 2008 the passengers with a caravan and also campers  with tents can stop in our farm.
 Info about ATV-s. We have 5 Suzuki 700cm3 ATV-s. The trips take place in accordance with the customers’ wishes, you just have call us in advance and make an arrangement. In order to organize a trip there must be at least two persons in addition to our guide.

 Together with our guide we drive out of the area belonging to the nature park Haanja and at first we use the roadway for 5 km to drive to the forest paths and mud sloughs. After this we use the roadway again in order to reach the old motocross paths of the gravel pit.
We are always looking for new paths where it is allowed to drive in order to offer more difficult or easier paths in accordance with the customers’ wishes. At the moment we have 4 different paths and some of them are very extreme.

 You can also order a sauna before starting the trip and it will be ready by the time you return from your trip (the first hour of the sauna costs 600 EEK)
There is trout fishing at the bottom of the valley in the farm Tindioru. It is open all year round and there you can fish trout from cold spring water and let it to be cooked there in accordance with your wishes.

Alar Johanson, tel: +372 55521555, e-mail: